Hello Friends, I am Camille


You are probably wondering how I got here. I could give you the same speech about how I just picked up a camera and magic happened but only about half that is true. Did you know I went to school for accounting? That is quite a leap from accounting to photography. But it is the truth. I went to college for accounting but found love in wedding photography (pun totally intended).

I cannot eat in the dark. I always have to turn the lights on even during a movie.

Love music. Can’t sing. It makes me super sad

However, I can dance so I am always dancing to music. It’s like it overtakes me

Little kitten paws and puppy snuggles are my kryptonite. I get both daily, usually early morning, walking across my head.

I love laughing. Like side cramping laughing. Is there any other kind?

 I have an extremely loud voice. Like you could hear me talk if we were standing next to a train track. It’s a talent

 I only drink water. Seriously, okay it may be purple sometime but a girl has to get her caffeine somehow.

World’s worst texter and not because of my response rate. Auto Correct is out to get me

Chocolate Chip pancakes and French Fries are the best breakfast combination

I am obsessed with working out. I can’t not do it. Yes, I am that person working out on vacation.